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Best guide on selling to jewelry buyers for quick cash, pawn promise rings with local loan shops or private lenders and get for access to emergency money near you.

What is a pawnshop?

A pawnshop round the corner can be a lifeline when you need some quick cash to meet a sudden and unexpected expense. You can sell used item at pawn shop or pledge the property as collateral and take a loan against it. In case of the latter, the loan has a fixed period and particular rate of interest. When the loan period is up, you have to pay the borrowed amount along with interest to redeem your property. Pawn stores are also great places to buy items. Items that are sold and surrendered by customers at pawn stores are often put up for resale. The price at pawn stores are quite low compared to what they are in retails. Some pawnshops sell items for up to 70 percent cheaper than retail prices.

How to take pawn loans?

The first step in getting a pawn loan is to identify a valuable item. Remember just picking up something that is not of use to you any more will no work. The item should have a resale value. Jewellery is highly appreciated in pawn stores. Besides these old tools, electronics, weapons, musical instruments are also valued. The item should be in good condition with its parts and accessories intact. Do not take jewellery that bear the stamp of "HGE" (heavy gold electroplate), "GP" (gold plated), or "RPG" (rolled gold plated) for pawning. These are virtually worthless. Ornaments stamped with "750," "750/1000," "PT," or "18k." will fetch you good loans.


If you apply for pawn loans make sure that you keep track of your due date and the due amount. Try to pay them on time. Pawn loans if used judicially and wisely can be very useful.

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